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+233 244588716
For complaints, email complaints@kenisco.com
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KENISCO is a service of Decentpak (www.decentpak.com)


KENISCO is building a community to connect small businesses with individuals (promoters) for mutual benefit. Promoters leverage their online and offline networks to promote products and services of businesses. As a result, services and products of businesses get sold faster and easier.


On KENISCO, two main groups are served - Business owners and Promoters. Both business owners and promoters share in the profits of KENISCO anytime a transaction is made.


Services such as ad share, marketplace, bulk sms etc are available on KENISCO to facilitate sales for small businesses.





Many small businesses are looking for ways to leverage the internet to make reasonable number of sales, they however, lack the necessary tools to do that.


Below are some of the challenges small businesses face and the solutions KENISCO provides to help them:





Lack of access/knowledge to use digital tools to reach target audience.




Provision of bulk sms platform, access to numerous WhatsApp and Facebook statuses. 




Lack of promoters to expose services and products to large groups to increase chances of making sales.




Access to over 1,000 promoters to provide product/service exposure to their online and offline networks 




Lack of business knowledge to identify customer needs.




Access to free sales ebook to improve business owner's knowledge on how to identify customer needs. Also, provision of business advisory by professionals to position small businesses for growth.





Individuals are looking for avenues online to make extra cash using their smart phones. They, however, run into problems identifying and actually benefiting from such platforms. 


Below are some of the challenges they face and KENISCO's solutions to them:





Lack of genuine online opportunities to make money easily without paying to be part.




KENISCO grants individuals free access to the platform and opportunity to make money while facilitating sales of products of business owners 




Lack of a use friendly Ghanaian online platform to make money by educating and building teams.




KENISCO's referral program offers individuals the opportunity to register and educate friends on how to take advantage of the platform to make extra cash without paying any money to join. 




Lack of platforms to receive cash back on every single transaction made no matter the number of times.




On KENISCO, irrespective of the number of times you make transactions you get rewarded with cashback.



KENISCO is available on the web, Google playstore and app store 




Registration or creation of account is absolutely FREE. Registered users have nothing to lose and everything to gain on KENISCO because they pay no fees to join.


For promoters, the cash earned may be used to shop online, top up airtime/data, renew pay-tv subscription, request for transfer to one's mobile money account etc.