+233 244588716 info@kenisco.com For complaints, send email to complaints@kenisco.com
+233 244588716
For complaints, email complaints@kenisco.com
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This gives a general overview of your earnings and the source, transaction alerts and messages from Kenisco.
Every user is required to create their own pin. Please follow the steps below to create your pin: 1. Login to your account 2. Go to settings and click on FORGOTTEN PIN 3. Enter your phone number and click on reset. A pin will be sent to you (both text and email) 4. Go back to settings and click on CHANGE PIN. 5. Enter the pin sent to you and the new pin you want to use (you should remember this) 6. Click on update.
There are two ways to register: through a referral link or directly from the website. Visit our website: www.kenisco.com, click on the sign up button, fill the form and then click on sign up. You'll be directed to the email address you signed up with. In your inbox, open the message and click on the link to activate your account. Your Kenisco wallet will be created. A registration is valid only when airtime or data is purchased.
HOW TO SEND MONEY TO MTN MOBILE MONEY ID: 1. Dial *170# 2. Select option 2 (MOMO PAY & PAY BILLS) 3. Select option 1 (MOMO PAY) 4. Enter Merchant ID. In this section you enter *286536* 5. Enter amount 6. Reference 7. PIN
HOW TO FUND YOUR K-WALLET: 1. Send the money to DECENTPAK VENTURES mobile money ID (MTN ONLY): 286536 OR Bank: Ecobank Name: Decentpak Ventures Account number: 0060134436197201 Branch: Lapaz 2. Go to K- Wallet and click on "Add Funds". 3. Fill the form and click on "Send Request". 4. Refresh the page after 5 minutes and the amount transferred will reflect in your K-wallet. Kindly, note that if you submit the form without sending the money, your K-wallet will not be credited
If you check your KENISCO account you'll see a new icon K-WALLET. This feature allows you to fund your wallet with any amount through mobile money (MTN only for now) and Bank transfer. When you send the money to either the mobile money ID or bank account, you fill a short form and click on the send request button. The amount paid will reflect in your K-wallet in 5 minutes. You'll then be able to buy airtime from your K-wallet. This option is better than the pay as you go option (normal way) in the following ways: 1. You get 2% commission instead of 1.5% 2. Airtime purchase process is significantly reduced by 70 percent 3. Transaction failure is zero percent.
You have to purchase airtime or data bundle atleast once to be able to send referrals.
To retrieve your coupons, look on top of your Dashboard, there are four icons there. The second icon from the left is the coupon icon. HOW TO USE THE COUPON Copy the code, go to transactions, click top up and then airtime. Enter the recipient's number. Paste the coupon code in the I HAVE A COUPON box and click proceed. Only those rewarded with coupons will see the coupon codes.
It could be that you have not activated your account. To activate your account, check your email or spam and locate the mail sent to you by KENISCO. Open the mail and click on the link to activate your account. It could also be that your username or password is wrong so you'll have to reset your account.
Send any complaint you have to complaints@kenisco.com. You'll receive a response within 24 hours.
In situations where a transaction does not go through but the user is debited, you are required to send to complaints@kenisco.com or text 0244588716 the folliwing: Name of account, phone number of the account holder, phone number of the recipient of the airtime or data bundle, amount involved, date of transaction and any other relevant information. An investigation will be conducted and the appropriate action will be taken within 24 hours.
This maybe due to an incorrect momo number entry or the momo number does not match the name on the momo account.
Go to settings and click on password. You can now update your password.
Go to settings and click on profile. Click on edit and when you are done, click on update profile.
Go to community and click on referral. You can send a referral via whatsapp or email.
This button reveals the top up process of airtime or data bundle. It also shows you your transaction history and earnings.
The community reveals the two buttons: the referral button that gives you the chance to send referrals to friends and colleagues via whatsapp and email. The downlines button that shows you the partners you have sponsored and their levels.
All transaction notifications appear under alerts.
Messages sent to users by Kenisco administrator appear here.
To edit your profile information, click on profile and then click on the edit button at the top right corner, make the necessary changes and click update profile. To change password, click on settings and then password. Enter the old password followed by the new one. Enter the new password again in the next box and click update.
You can buy airtime or data bundle by clicking on transactions and then top up. Choose airtime or internet data.
The system is designed to reward you a percentage cash return on the amount of airtime or data bundle (active purchase) you buy or when your downlines do purchases ( passive purchase). This money is kept in your Kenisco wallet. You can see a summary of it on your dashboard. You can view the details by clicking on transactions and then earnings.
You can withdraw money by clicking on transactions and then earnings. Click on request cashout, and fill out the form. Payments can take up to 48 hours. For now payments areally made to only MTN numbers. If you use a different network and you want to cashout please submit an MTN number, make sure that the registered momo account name matches with the momo number.
The least amount a user can withdraw or cashout is 5 Ghc.
Go to transactions and click on history.
Go to transactions and click on earnings.
Go to community and click on downlines.
To buy an ad package, click on 'ADVERTS' and then 'Buy Package'. Choose the package of your choice and pay from either your K-wallet or loyalty bonus. Click on 'Proceed'.
To post an ad package, click on 'ADVERTS' and then 'Post an Ad'. Fill the form provided, your ad will be reviewed by admin and subsequently approved within five minutes if it satisfies the requirements of KENISCO.
All the ads you have uploaded will be found under My Ads.
All the ads you have shared will be found under Ad Shares.
HOW TO POST PRODUCTS ON KENISCO. 1. Click on the KENISCO app and go to the PRODUCTS section. 2. Click on the (+) sign and then click on POST A PRODUCT. 3. Enter the name of the product and price. Indicate if the price includes delivery or not. 4. State the quantity of the product you have in stock, your location and business name, if any. 5. Give valuable details of the product such as features, size, height, capacity, origin, material, colours etc to help the buyer make sound decision. 6. Upload photos of the product. The photos should NOT have any phone numbers on them. choose when to publish, whether now or later and click PROCEED.
To find your uploaded products, click on 'My Uploads'
To find your sales, click on Marketplace (products) and then click on My Sales.
To find your purchases, click on marketplace (product) and then click on My Purchases.

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