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+233 244588716
For complaints, email complaints@kenisco.com
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Ad Share

Business owners can choose from a range of ad packages to advertise their products and services to their potential target group. Ad packages come with free flyer designs and airtime. For as low as 12 GhS, flyers may be exposed to about 500 potential customers, they receive cashback as well. Business owners also have access to a free promotional ad package to advertise their products and services.


Promoters can share flyers on their WhatsApp and Facebook statuses and get paid for every single view of the ad.



Business owners can display their products here and have them advertised on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok etc by promoters. Promoters facilitate sales by showing the products to their online and offline networks.

Upon purchase, the promoter gets paid 5 percent of the cost of the item and the purchaser gets cashback.


Bulk sms

Business owners can stay in touch with their customers through the KENISCO bulk sms service. For as low as 0.7 GhS, business owners can send bulk messages to their customers and receive cashback.

Other Services

Business owners and Promoters can use their profit share to buy airtime, data, renew their pay-tv subscription etc